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Delivering quality freshly ground and brewed coffee to your place of work or event
You will not have to go far to find a great cup of coffee

If you can provide us with a 3m x 2m space (no bigger than the average parking space) then you will have access to fantastic, fresh coffee, tea and wholesome food

Become part of our regular route and enjoy the benefits of great tasting coffee, served with a smile

Bean Hunters works with a number of UK coffee roasters to source quality beans to roast and serve as exquisite single origin offerings or use to create fantastic blends that will leave you wanting another cup
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Single Origin
Single Origin beans are sourced from a number of UK Coffee Roasters.

Chosen for their unique qualities, these beans can be sourced to the farm and in some cases the specific area within a farm where the trees are planted.

The story surrounding each single origin coffee can be downloaded from our website or collected from your barista.
Cupping Notes
Bean Hunters Blend
Due to the nature of supply, the Bean Hunters blend is changed every season.

Our aim is to bring together coffees from around the world that complement one another, to result in a full-bodied espresso that holds it own as an espresso or macchiato but has enough punch to cut through milk based drinks (such as lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites)
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Coffee To Go

Bean Hunters Coffee To Go
Summary of Services

  • Coffee To Go (delivered to you)
  • Selection of fine Tea's
  • Wholesome and delicious food
  • On-site catering
  • Charitable events
  • Sports Days
  • Coffee served 24/7 when required

Bean Hunters operates throughout the United Kingdom. European events can be catered for.
Please contact us for further details.
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