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Coffee Car

Bean Hunters delivers quality coffee from a self contained (Smart) Coffee Car

With a footprint smaller than the average kiosk, we can position ourselves almost anywhere you would like us to be.

Whether your event is indoors or in a remote area outdoors, we can serve coffee, tea and wholesome food to you and your clients in almost any weather.

Our Coffee Car does not rely on an electricity supply or external water supply and we carry all our rubbish away with us at the end of the day.
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Mobile Cafe

How many people can you serve?
We have the capacity to serve in excess of 200 drinks from our menu per hour

If you wish to include flavours or extra menu items then please contact us to discuss your requirements
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How much space do you need?
We can easily operate in a 3m x 2m space with at least 1.8m height clearance

This is the size of an average car park space
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A Smart choice for a Mobile Cafe

Smart Coffee Car
We have chosen an iconic car from which to serve a great coffee.
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Coffee Machine & Grinder
The choice of machine and grinder were very important to us as they have allowed us to ensure the control and consistency of our coffee offering

Our coffee machine is from Fracino and is a dual-fuel machine, powered by LPG

Our coffee grinder is an Anfim grinder
Disclaimer: From time-to-time specs may change if we are trying new machines to continually improve the in-cup taste
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