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All of our coffees are served in 3 cup sizes - 4oz (small), 6oz (Flat White) and 8oz (standard)
We don't charge for extra shots (doubles served as standard)

Espresso           (4oz only)
Macchiato          (4oz only)     'Espresso stained with milk'
Piccolo                                  'Short latte - approx 90mls in total - single shot'
Flat White
Pour Over / Brewed
Hot Chocolate

Tea range coming soon

Wholesome Food
Wholesome food range currently being finalised

In addition to Organic Milk, we stock dairy-free alternatives.
Should you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement please speak to your barista.

Extras / Cream Creations
We whip our cream to order, and can add syrups to your drinks when requested
(additional charges apply)
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Single Origin
Single Origin Coffee #1
Coming Soon.
Cupping Notes
Single Origin Coffee #2
Coming Soon.
Cupping Notes
Bean Hunters Blend
We're working on the signature blend and will update this space shortly.

Coffee is a seasonal crop and the blend will evolve over time.
Cupping Notes
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