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Environmental Policy

Bean Hunters operates from a self contained Smart Car

With a footprint smaller than the average kiosk, we can position ourselves almost anywhere

We do not rely on an electricity supply or external water supply and carry all our rubbish away with us at the end of the day

From time to time we will stock Fairtrade Products, Rainforest Alliance or other certified schemes, but recognise these may not be as effective as some of the Direct Trade coffees that we stock, where a higher price is paid to the farmers and the roasters work with the farmers to improve their crop year-on-year, resulting in a better quality of product in the cup.
Your comments are fed directly back to the farmers in producing countries, making a difference to the drinks you will enjoy in the future.
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Environmental Objectives

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Continually monitor our effect on the environment by;
Reducing unnecessary mileage
Encouraging recycling and rewarding customers for supplying their own cups
Using biodegradable cups and compostable lids
Minimising food packaging
Using local / organic produce where possible
Minimising wastage
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Health & Safety

Bean Hunters is in the process of joining NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association) and will abide by HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) standards

Our Baristas will be expected to obtain or hold the NCASS Level 2 Mobile Catering qualification prior to commencing work
Disclaimer: Our application is currently being processed
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